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16450; 16550; 16550A; 16650; 16750C; 16C850; 431A; 5th Glove; 6501; 6502; 650x; 8250; 8450; 8514; A3D; Accelerated Graphics Port; accelerator; access time; acoustic coupler; active matrix display; Active Reconfiguring Message; Advanced Configuration and Power Interface; Advanced Power Management; Advanced RISC Computing Specification; Advanced Technology Attachment; Advanced WavEffect; American Wire Gauge; analogue computer; any key; Apple Attachment Unit Interface; Application-Specific Integrated Circuit; arrow key; Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter; Athlon; ATX; Automatic Send Receive; Baby AT; backplane; backside cache; barrel shifter; base memory; bay; beamer; BiCMOS; bidirectional printing; binary counter; biometrics; bitmap display; bit-paired keyboard; bits per pixel; blitter; BNC; boustrophedonic; braille display; bridge; cable modem; CAM-PC; Cardbus; Category 3; Category 5; cathode ray tube; cationic cocktail; Centronics; Ceramic Pin Grid Array; chad box; Chadless keypunch; channel service unit/data service unit; chiclet keyboard; chip creep; Chip Scale Packaging; chip set; Christmas tree; click; coaxial cable; Color Graphics Adapter; colour palette; Column Address Strobe; Communication and Network Riser; communications port; complex programmable logic device; content addressable memory; Control and Status Register; control key; controller; coupling; cross-platform; CyberGlove; CyberWand; database machine; Data Communication Equipment; data glove; Data Jack; Data Terminal Equipment; daughterboard; DB-25; DE-9; DECtape; differential driver; differential line; digital camera; digital carrier; Digital Equipment Corporation; Digital Subscriber Line Access Module; DIN-8; diode; Direct-Access Storage Device; DirectX; disk controller; disk drive; disk duplexing; disk mirroring; display standard; Ditto Drive; docking station; dongle; dot matrix printer; dot pitch; DPMS; D-shell connector; D-type flip-flop; Dual In-Line; Dual In-Line Package; dumb terminal; Dvorak; EDS+; effective number of bits; Electromagnetic Compatibility; Electrostatic Discharge; empeg; EMU8000; Enhanced Capabilities Port; Enhanced Graphics Adapter; enhanced parallel port; Enhanced Small Disk Interface; Enigma; EV6; expansion card; expansion slot; Extended Capabilities Port; eXtended Graphics Array; Extended Video Graphics Array; eXtended Video Graphics Array; Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; Fast SCSI; feature key; Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop; field emission display; field-programmable gate array; Filtabyte; Flex; Flip Chip Pin Grid Array; flip-flop; floating-point accelerator; Floating-Point Unit; floppy disk; floptical; form factor; frame buffer; frame grabber; front side bus; function key; GAL; gamma correction; gate; gender mender; Generic Array Logic; Graphic Display Interface; graphics accelerator; graphics adaptor; Gray code; Gunning Transceiver Logic; haptic interface; hardware; hardware circular buffer; hardware register; HC-900; Head Disk Assembly; heat sink; heat slug; high colour; High Performance Parallel Interface; High Performance Serial Bus; High Speed Connect; High-speed Net Connect; high speed serial interface; High Voltage Differential; home keys; horizontal scan rate; Host Control Interface; hot swapping; Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Computer Interface; Human Interface Device; hydrofluorocarbon; IBM 3270; IBM 3720; IEEE 488; infant mortality; Information Appliance; inkjet printer; input device; intelligent terminal; isometric joystick; Jaz Drive; JK flip-flop; joystick; jukebox; jumper; keyboard; Keyboard Send Receive; Keyboard Video Mouse; keypad; laser; light pen; liquid crystal display; local bus; loudspeaker; Low Insertion Force; Low Voltage Differential; magneto-optical disk; Memory Management Unit; microchip art; microelectromechanical system; microphone; Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer; microtape; Microwave Hardware Description Language; mind mouse; Mockingboard; modem; Monochrome Display Adapter; motherboard; mouse; mouse mat; Multi-Color Graphics Array; multiplex printer; multiscan; multisync; Multisystem eXtention Interface Bus; Musical Instrument Digital Interface; Network Device Interface Specification; network interface controller; NLX; null modem; numeric keypad; optical computing; optical disk drive; Optical Mark Reader; optical mouse; Optical Time Domain Reflectometer; output device; overclocking; Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; paper tape; parallel port; passive matrix display; PC-7150; PCI Mezzanine Card; PCI slot; peripheral; Peripheral Component Interconnect; Personal Computer Memory Card International Association; Pin Grid Array; pin-out; Pipeline Burst Cache; Plastic Pin Grid Array; Playstation; plenum cable; plotter; pointing device; point of sale terminal; polyvinyl chloride; power cycle; power-on reset; power-on self-test; power supply unit; PRAM; primary cache; printed circuit board; printer port; Processor Direct Slot; program counter; Programmable Array Logic; Programmable Logic Controller; Programmer's Switch; protocol analyser; purple wire; QWERTY; Radio-frequency identification; Radio Frequency Interference; Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter; raster; raster blaster; red wire; refresh rate; Reliability, Availability, Serviceability; RG58; RG8; ribbon cable; right-click; RJ-11; RJ-45; root bridge; rotational latency; rusty iron; SB AWE32; SBus; Scalable Coherent Interface; scan line; SCI; SCSI-1; SCSI-2; SCSI-3; SCSI adaptor; SCSI ID; SCSI initiator; SCSI reconnect; SCSI target; sensor; Serial Peripheral Interface; serial port; server room; shielded twisted pair; short card; Single Connection Attach; Single Edge Contact; Single Edge Contact Cartridge; Single Edge Processor Package; Single Electron Tunneling Technology; single ended; Single Inline Pin Package; Slot 1; Slot 2; Slot A; Small Computer System Interface; Smart Battery Data; Snappy Video Snapshot; Socket 370; Socket 7; Socket 8; Sound Blaster; space bar; SR flip-flop; stack loader; Staggered Pin Grid Array; stepper motor; substrate; Super 7; Super Video Graphics Array; SVGA; SVGA monitor; SyQuest Technology, Inc.; System/370; System Management Bus; System Management Mode; system unit; tagged queueing; tall card; tape head; Telerat; Telescope User Interface; Teletype; teletypewriter; television; Television Interface Adaptor; Terminal Access Controller; Terminal Adaptor; thick film dielectric electroluminescence; Time Domain Reflectometer; TNC; touchpad; touch screen; tracker ball; TrackPoint; tri state; tty; Tunny Emulator; twisted pair; Ultra64; Ultra-SCSI; Uninterruptible Power Supply; Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter; Universal Serial Bus; unshielded twisted pair; vampire tap; Versa Module Europa; vertical refresh rate; vertical scan rate; Very Large Scale Integration; VESA Local Bus; VGA; Video Graphics Array; video random-access memory; Visual Display Unit; vt100; vt220; wall plate; wavetable; webcam; White book CD-ROM; white trash; Wide SCSI; winchester; Window Random Access Memory; wrats nest; x86 processor socket; XT bus architecture; X terminal; Zero Insertion Force; Zip Drive;

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