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-oid; -ware; 120 reset; 8N1; abbrev; ABEND; ACME; acronym; ad-hockery; AI-complete; AIDS; all-elbows; amp off; asbestos; ASCIIbetical order; atomic; aubergine; autoconfiscate; automagically; autopilot code; backronym; backward compatibility; Bad Thing; balanced computing; banana label; base memory; baud barf; beam; bear paw; bells and whistles; Betamaxed; Big Gray Wall; big iron; Big Red Switch; Big Room; big win; bit bucket; bit rot; black box; black magic; bleam; bloatware; blow away; blowing your buffer; blow out; blue dot syndrome; bogotify; Bohr bug; borf; brain fart; brittle; brochureware; brute force and ignorance; bytesexual; Byzantine; bzzzt, wrong; canonicity; card walloper; Career Limiting Move; casting the runes; catatonic; chad; chemist; Chip Jewelry; choke; chomp; Christmas tree; chrome; chug; classic; clean; clobber; clone; clustergeeking; COBOL fingers; cobwebsite; code grinder; Commonwealth Hackish; compatible; computer confetti; computer geek; computer sex; Computer Software Configuration Item; computron; condom; configuraholic; configuration item; content-free; copious free time; core cancer; core dump; cough and die; cracker; crack root; crash and burn; crawling horror; creeping featurism; creeping featuritis; Crispy Critters; cruft; cruft together; crumb; cruncha cruncha cruncha; cubing; cursor dipped in X; cyberchondriac; cybercrud; cyberrhea; cyberspace; cyber-squatting; cyclebabble; cycle crunch; cycle server; dark-side hacker; data; dead tree; deboursification; de-rezz; diddle; die horribly; digerati; Dilberted; disk farm; disusered; DOA; doco; domainist; Dooced; double DECkers; download; downsizing; down-time; Draft Once ReUse Many; drain; drool-proof paper; dumbed down; dynner; easter egg; Easter egging; egosurfing; ELIZA effect; end-to-end solution; engine; epsilon squared; EXCH; eyeball search; face time; face-to-face; fandango on core; farkled; farming; fascist; fear-driven development; feature; feature shock; fepped out; field servoid; film at 11; fine adjuster; finn; firehose syndrome; flag day; flame on; flamer; flame war; foo; foobar; fool file; forked; form function; for values of; forward compatibility; frotzed; FUD; fum; furrfu; futz; Get a real computer!; glue; gnarly; gobble; go-faster stripes; gonk; gotcha; granularity; graybar land; green bytes; gubbish; gun; hack; hackathon; hack attack; hacked off; hacked up; hacker; hacking run; hackish; hackishness; hackitude; hack mode; hack together; hack up; hakspek; hand cruft; hand hack; hand-roll; haque; hard-coded; hardcopy; heatseeker; heisenbug; hello, sailor!; hexit; hog; home box; hosed; hungus; icebreaker; information island; information overload; information technology; interface; Internaut; Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics; it's a feature; jargon; Jargon File; JBOPS; job security; joe; J. Random; J. Random Hacker; Just a Bunch Of Disks; keyboard plaque; kicking dead whales down the beach; kit; kludge; kluge; kluge around; lamer; Lasherism; laundromat; learning curve; legacy system; light-weight; like nailing jelly to a tree; line 666; lose; loser; losing; loss; lossage; lost in the underflow; lurking; luser; Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool; magic bullet; magic number; mandelbug; mango; marbles; marginal; meatspace; meeces; memory dump; memory farts; memory smash; mickey mouse program; Microserf; moby; Mongolian Hordes technique; mouse arrest; mouse elbow; mouso; MPG; multician; mumble mode; mundane; My Favourite Toy Language; mz; nadger; nagware; nanofortnight; neats vs. scruffies; netdead; newbie; newline; number crunching; Object Value; octet; off-line; off-line world; one-banana problem; on-line; orthogonal; overflow pdl; penis war; peon; percussive maintenance; phreaking; physical; pilot error; playte; plokta; plug and play; pnambic; prepend; priority interrupt; programming fluid; pron; propeller head; protoduction; pseudo; pumpkin; purple wire; quick-and-dirty; quiesce time; qux; raster blaster; ravioli code; read-only user; real estate; Real Soon Now; red wire; reinvent the wheel; retronym; return from the dead; rice box; roach; rococo; round tape; RTFB; RTFM; RTFS; runic; rusty iron; sacred; saga; sagan; Saturday-night special; schrödinbug; scram switch; screw; Search The Fucking Web; shelfware; shim; Siliwood; slashdot effect; slim; slop; smash the stack; smurf; sneck; snivitz; social engineering; software bloat; Software Developers Kit; solution; some random X; source of all good bits; specification; spike; spin; squirt the bird; stand-alone; state; stiffy; Stone Age; store; studlycaps; suicideware; suitably small; sun lounge; SWAG; system operator; tar and feather; technology; text-based; thanks in advance; thicket; thinko; three-letter acronym; thumb; times-or-divided-by; tits on a keyboard; TLAs; toast; toaster; to a zeroth approximation; tourist; tree-killer; treeware; troglodyte; troglodyte mode; tron; Trouble Came Back; tune; turn-key; uninteresting; Unixism; Unix weenie; up; upgradability; user base; user-obsequious; user-unctuous; vannevar; vaporware; VAXectomy; veeblefester; veeblefetzer; verbage; verbiage; vertical application; vgrep; virtual; voodoo programming; voxel; Vulcan death grip; Vulcan nerve pinch; walking drives; warlording; water MIPS; wave a dead chicken; weasel; Web 2.0; wetware; What You Get Is What You Never Thought You Had; What You See Is All You Get; What You See Is What You Get; When It's Done; win; window shopping; wintel; wirehead; wirewater; wish list; woofer; workaround; working as designed; wrats nest; Wrong Thing; yank; Yet Another; Your mileage may vary; yoyo mode; zap; zen; zeroth; zxnrbl;

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