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100BaseFX; 100BaseT; 100BaseTX; 100BaseVG; 10base2; 10base5; 10baseT;; 1.TR.6; 3Com Corporation; 3Station; 6to4; 802.11a; 802.11b; 802.11g; AARP probe packets; accept; Acceptable Use Policy; Access Control List; access method; access point; accounting management; Active Measurement Project; Active Monitor; ad; address mask; address resolution; Address Resolution Protocol; adjacency; Administration Management Domain; administrative distance; Administrative Domain; Advanced Communication Function/Network Control Program; Advanced Communications Function; Advanced Network Systems Architecture; Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking; Advanced Program-to-Program Communications; Advanced Research Projects Agency Network; ae; af; ag; agent; aggregator; ai; Aimnet; al; Aloha; Aloha Net; Alternating bit protocol; am; Aminet; an; anonymous FTP; ANSI Z39.50; ao; Apple Address Resolution Protocol; Apple Attachment Unit Interface; Appletalk; AppleTalk Filing Protocol; application layer; Application Protocol Data Unit; Application Service Element; application service provider; aq; ar; Arcade; archie; archive site; ARCnet; Artisoft, Inc.; as; Association Control Service Element; Asynchronous Transfer Mode; ATM Forum; Attachment Unit Interface; Autonomous System; Autonomous System Number; aw; az; ba; babbling error; backbone cabal; backbone network; backoff; Backup Domain Controller; Basic Service Set; bb; bd; be; Berkeley Internet Name Domain; best effort; bf; bg; bh; bi; bindery; binding handle; BITNET; BitTorrent; bj; bm; bn; bo; Border Gateway Protocol; bot; BottomFeeder; br; bridge; broadcast storm; bs; bt; bus; bus network; bv; bw; by; bz; ca; cc; cf; cg; ch; Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol; cheapernet; Chernobyl packet; Christmas tree packet; ci; ck; cl; Classless Inter-Domain Routing; Client To Client Protocol; Clos network; cm; cn; CNAME; co; collision detection; co-location; Columbia AppleTalk Package; com; Commercial Internet eXchange; Committed Information Rate; Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol; Common Communication Services; Common ISDN Application Programming Interface; Common Management Information Services; COMNET; Competitive Access Provider; Compressed SLIP; connect; connection-oriented; connection-oriented network service; constant mapping; contention slot; converged network; Cooperative Information System; coordination language; country code; cr; CTCP; cutover; cut-through switching; cv; cx; cy; cybersex; cyber-squatting; cz; daisy chain; Datakit; Data Link Connection Identifier; data link layer; Data Link Provider Interface; Data Link Switching; Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification; de; default route; De-Militarised Zone; Department of Defense Network; Digital Equipment Corporation Network; Digital Subscriber Line Access Module; Direct Client to Client Protocol; directory service; disclaimer; diskless workstation; Distributed Queue Dual Bus; dj; dk; DLUR/DLUS; dm; domain address; domain handle; Domain Name System; DOS requester; dot notation; dual-homed; dual-stack; dynamic routing; dz; EARN; ec; edu; ee; EFNet; eg; eh; Emulator program; Enterprise Systems CONnectivity; ephemeral port; er; et; Ethernet; Ethernet address; Ethernet Private Line; EtherTalk; European Academic and Research Network; Exterior Gateway Protocol; Fast Ethernet; fat client; Federal Information Exchange; fi; Fiber Optic InterRepeater Link; Fibre Channel; FidoNet; file transfer; Filtabyte; firehose syndrome; firewall machine; fj; fk; flapping router; fm; fo; fr; FreePPP; FTP server; full-duplex Switched Ethernet; fully qualified domain name; fx; ga; gb; gd; ge; GE Information Services; Generic Routing Encapsulation; gf; gh; gi; gl; gm; gn; GNUS; Go Back N; Godzillagram; gopher; Gopher client; Gopherspace; gov; Government OSI Profile; gp; gq; gr; Groupwise; gs; gt; gu; gw; gy; H.261; Habitat; Harvest; hello packet; heterogeneous network; hierarchical routing; High-level Data Link Control; High Performance Routing; hk; hm; hn; Home Phoneline Networking Alliance; host number; hosts file; hr; ht; hu; hub; Hubnet; Hybrid Fiber Coax; Hytelnet; ICBM address; id; ie; IEEE 802; IEEE 802.1; IEEE 802.3; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE 802.3z; IEEE 802.4; il; inetd; Information Infrastructure Task Force; Interface Message Processor; Interior Gateway Protocol; Intermediate Distribution Frame; Intermediate System; Intermediate System-Intermediate System; Internet; Internet Access Provider; Internet Adapter; internet address; Internet Assigned Numbers Authority; Internet backbone; Internet Chess Server; Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; Internet Engineering Task Force; Internet Go Server; Internet Network Information Center; Internet Protocol; Internet Protocol Control Protocol; Internet Protocol version 4; Internet Protocol version 6; Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol; Internet Service Provider; Internetwork Packet eXchange; Internet Worm; inter-packet gap; intranet; Inverse Address Resolution Protocol; io; IP address; ipconfig; Iperf; IPsec; IPXCP; iq; ir; is; it; jabber; JANET IP Service; Jini; jm; jo; jp; KA9Q; ke; kg; kh; ki; km; kn; Knowbot Information Service; kp; kr; kw; ky; kz; la; label edge router; Label Forwarding Information Base; label switched path; label switching; Label Switching Router; Lan Kanal Adapter; LANtastic; LaQuey; lb; lc; leased line; leech; li; Link State Routing Protocol; lk; local area network; LocalTalk; Logical Link Control; Logical Unit; Logical Unit 6.2; Low Bandwidth X; Lower Layer Protocol; lr; lt; lu; lv; ly; ma; MacPPP; MacTCP; Main Distribution Frame; Management Information Base; maximum segment size; Maximum Transmission Unit; mc; md; Media Access Control; Media Access Unit; Media Converter; mg; mh; Microsoft Networking; mid-level network; mil; Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool; Minuet; mirror site; mk; ml; mm; mn; mo; mp; MPLS domain; mq; mr; mt; Multiple Access with Colision Avoidance; Multiprotocol Label Switching; mw; mx; my; mz; na; Nagling Coalescence; named; named; name resolution; narrowband; NAS; nastygram; NAU; nc; NCP; ne; net.-; netburp; netiquette; netlag; netmask; NetNanny; netpipes; Netscape Navigator; netstat; NetWare Core Protocol; Netware Directory Services; Netware Input/Output Subsystem; NetWare Link State Protocol; network; network address; Network Addressable Unit; Network Address Translation; Network Application Support; Network Attached Storage; network byte order; network closet; Network Device Interface Specification; Network File System; Network Information Service; network interface controller; network layer; network layer reachability information; network management; network meltdown; network node; Network Node Interface; network operating system; network redirector; network segment; network topology; network transparency; nf; ng; ni; NIC.DDN.MIL; nl; no; NORDUnet; notspot; notwork; Novell, Inc.; Novell NetWare; np; nr; nslookup; nu; nz; octet; om; Open Data-link Interface; Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol; Open Systems Interconnection; OpenTransport; Optical Carrier 12; Optical Carrier 3; Optical Carrier 48; Optical Carrier n; org; pa; packet driver; packet sniffer; Parallel Virtual Machine; Password Authentication Protocol; pe; peer; peer-to-peer; Permanent Virtual Circuit; Personal Communication Network; pf; pg; ph; physical addressing; physical layer; ping; ping-flood; pk; pl; pm; pn; podcast; Point Of Contact; Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM; Port Address Translation; portmapper; pr; presentation layer; Primary Domain Controller; Printer Access Protocol; Prodigy; promiscuous mode; protocol analyser; protocol converter; protocol layer; proxy; proxy ARP; proxy server; pw; py; qa; quality of service; quiesce; rcp; Real Time Streaming Protocol; red zone; registered port; remote login; Remote Operations Service Element; Remote Procedure Call; repeater; replication; resolver; Reverse Address Resolution Protocol; RFC 1014; RFC 1034; RFC 1035; RFC 1057; RFC 1058; RFC 1094; RFC 1112; RFC 1119; RFC 1123; RFC 1157; RFC 1208; RFC 1213; RFC 1267; RFC 1268; RFC 1304; RFC 1334; RFC 1347; RFC 1350; RFC 1388; RFC 1436; RFC 1441; RFC 1442; RFC 1443; RFC 1444; RFC 1445; RFC 1446; RFC 1447; RFC 1448; RFC 1449; RFC 1450; RFC 1451; RFC 1452; RFC 1475; RFC 1520; RFC 1526; RFC 1531; RFC 1550; RFC 1561; RFC 1591; RFC 1630; RFC 1661; RFC 1700; RFC 1701; RFC 1702; RFC 1707; RFC 1777; RFC 1778; RFC 1795; RFC 1823; RFC 1825; RFC 1831; RFC 1861; RFC 1959; RFC 1960; RFC 2068; RFC 2093; RFC 2131; RFC 2236; RFC 2246; RFC 2281; RFC 2543; RFC 2795; RFC 2821; RFC 3232; RFC 4213; RFC 792; RFC 826; RFC 854; RFC 903; RFC 908; RFC 959; RG58; RG8; rib site; ring network; rlogin; ro; root bridge; route; routed; routeing; routeing domain; route leak; router; routing policy; ru; rw; rwho; sa; Samba; sb; sc; sd; se; Secure Sockets Layer; Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool; Security Association; Security Association ID; segmentation; Sequenced Packet Exchange; serve; service; Service Access Point; Service Advertising Protocol; Service Set Identifier; session; session layer; set-top box; sg; shockwave; si; Simple Authentication and Security Layer; sj; sk; sl; sliding-window; Slingshot; SLiRP; sm; sn; SNMP agent; so; socket; Software Description Database; sorcerer's apprentice mode; spanning tree algorithm; spray; sr; SSH File Transfer Protocol; SSLeay; st; star network; start of authority; Station Management; STD 13; STD 2; sv; Sweden; Switched Multimegabit Data Service; switched virtual connection; switching; switching hub; sy; Synchronous Optical NETwork; synflood; Systems Network Architecture; sz; talk; tc; td; TELEPAC; Terminal Access Controller; Terminal Adaptor; Terms Of Service; tf; tg; th; The Microsoft Network; thin client; Time Domain Reflectometer; tj; tk; tm; tn; to; toasternet; token bus; top-level domain; tp; TP/IX; tr; traceroute; transceiver; transfer syntax; transit network; Transmission Control Protocol; Transport Driver Interface; transport layer; Transport Layer Interface; Transport Layer Security protocol; Transport Service Access Point; Trivial File Transfer Protocol; tt; TUBA; tunnelling; Tuxedo; tv; tw; twisted pair only; TYMNET; tz; ua; ug; uk; um; Undernet; unicast; Universal Naming Convention; Unix to Unix Copy; upstream; us; Usenetter; User Network Interface; uy; uz; va; Value Added Network; vampire tap; vanity domain; vc; ve; Vendor Independent Messaging; vg; vines; virtual circuit; Virtual Circuit Identifier; virtual connection; virtual host; Virtual LAN; Virtual Loadable Module; Virtual Local Area Network; virtual path; Virtual Private Network; vn; vu; warchalk; well-known port; wf; Wide Area Information Servers; Wide Area Network; Wideband ATM; wi-fi; Wi-Fi Protected Access; Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key; Windows Internet Naming Service; Windows NT Network Model; Windows sockets; Wired Equivalent Privacy; wireless; wireless hotspot; wireless local area network; World-Wide Web; worm; ws; X.500; XEROX Network Services; Xerox Network System; Xpress Transport Protocol; X protocol; ye; yt; YTalk; yu; za; zm; zr; zw; {IDF};

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