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operating system

<operating system>

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.cshrc; .login; .twmrc; /dev/null; 16-bit application; 32-bit application; 386BSD; 386SPART.PAR; Accounting File; Active Directory; address space; Advanced Interactive eXecutive; AEGIS; AIDX; alert; Allegro; Andrew File System; Angel; application program; ArchBSD; Architecture Neutral Distribution Format; Artemis microkernel; AUTOEXEC.BAT; A/UX; backup; backup rotation; Bad command or file name; Basic Input/Output System; Basic Operating System; Basic Programming Support; batch file; BeOS; Berkeley Software Distribution; blow away; Blue Box; Blue Screen of Life; boot block; boot disk; bootstrap; bootstrap loader; Broadway; BS2000; BSD/OS; capability; child process; Chorus; chroot; clipboard; CMAY; cmd; cold boot; command; Command Control Processor; command interpreter; command line interface; Common Applications Environment; Common Desktop Environment; Communications Server; Compatible Timesharing System; COMPL; CONFIG.SYS; context-sensitive menu; context switch; Control Program; Control Program for Microcomputers; Convergent Technologies Operating System; cookie file; cooperative multitasking; core dump; cron; C shell; daemon; Dataless Management Services; dataless management utility; data set; data set organization; Debian; Debian GNU/Hurd; descriptor; Desktop Management Interface; device driver; Device Manager; differential backup; Disk Operating System; disk operating system; Distributed Network Operating System; DNIX; DOS; DOS/360; dot file; double-click; DTSS; dual boot; dump; earliest deadline first; Eden; Edinburgh Multi Access System; Enhanced Directory Service; EntireX; environment variable; EPOC; ERGO-Shell; EXEC 8; executable; executable content; Execute Channel Program; execution; executive; Extended System Configuration Data; Extensible Shell; fatal error; fatal exception; fat binary; Fault Tolerant Unix; FCB; FDISK; Fedora; file control block; file descriptor; file system; Finder; flat file; fork; Fredette's Operating System Interface Language; FreeBSD; GCOS; GEM; GEORGE 3; get.com; getty; GNU Network Object Model Environment; GNUStep; grabber pointer; Grandfather, Father, Son; Graphical User Interface; Grim File Reaper; group identifier; guru meditation; hard boot; Hardware Abstraction Layer; here document; Hewlett Packard Multi Processing Executive; Host Command Facility; Houston Automatic Spooling Program; HP-SUX; HP-UX; Hungry ViewKit; Hurd; incremental backup; Initial Microprogram Load; Initial Program Load; Initial Program Loader; input/output; input/output redirection; installable file system; installer; Interactive System Productivity Facility; internal field separators; Inter-process Communication; Intrinsics; Intuition; IRIX; JES2; JES3; job; Job Control Language; Job Entry System; journal; Kent Applicative Operating System; Lan Manager; lib; light-weight process; Linux; Linux Loader; Linux User Group; List Enhanced; load balancing; Local Shared Resources; look and feel; Macintosh Operating System; Macintosh user interface; MacMinix; Mac OS X; managed code; master boot record; memory dump; menu; menu bar; microkernel; Microsloth Windows; Microsoft Disk Operating System; Microsoft Windows; MINIX; MiNT; Missed'em-five; mouse trails; Multics; Multiple Virtual Storage; Multipop-68; Multi-tasking Program for Microcomputers; MultiTOS; multi-user; mutual exclusion; named pipe; NetBSD; Netware Input/Output Subsystem; Network File System; Network Operating System; network operating system; NEXTSTEP; Non-Maintainer Upload; Novell DOS; Novell NetWare; NSFIP; Object Linking and Embedding; OpenBSD; Open Desktop; OpenDoc; Open Look; OpenStep; Open System Architecture; OpenWindows; operating system; Operating System/360; Operating System/Multiprogramming of Fixed Tasks; orphaned i-node; orphan process; OS/390; OS-9; OS/MVT; OS/VS2; paging; Parallel Sysplex; parent process; passphrase; Phoenix; Plan 9; plan file; portability; Portable Operating System Interface; PowerOpen Environment; pre-emptive multitasking; priority scheduling; process identifier; process table; PROM monitor; pseudo-tty; pull-down list; pull-down menu; QDOS; QNX; RAM disk; rare mode; raw mode; real operating system; Realtime Disk Operating System; Real-Time Operating System; reboot; Record Management Services; Red Hat; Remote Job Entry; Rhapsody; RISCiX; RISC OS; RPM; RSTS/E; RT-11; run commands; run-time environment; run-time library; sacadm; safe mode; same-day service; SCANDISK; scrollable list; ScumOS; Secure Shell; semaphore; shadow ram; shebang; shell script; shell variable; signal; Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line; slackware; snap dump; soft boot; Solaris; Sonata; spawn; SPOOL; spool; spooler; Sprite; ssh; standard input/output; Steve's Shell; sticky bit; STREAMS; su; SunOS; swap; swap file; swap space; synchronous; SYSKEY; Sysplex; System 7.5; System Account Manager; system call; System Management Server; system software; Tape Operating System; taskbar; tcsh; tee; Tempo; termcap; Terminal Oriented Real Time Operating System; Terminal Productivity eXecutive; T.H.E; time-sharing; Time Sharing Option; time slice; toolbar; TOS; Transaction Processing Facility; Transient Program Area; TRUENAME; tunafish; TWENEX; TYMCOM-X; type-ahead; TZ; Ultrix; uninstaller; universal thunk; Unix; Unixism; Unix manual page; UnixWare; UN*X; user identifier; user name; Valencia Simple Tasker; Version 7; VFAT; Virtual Device Driver; Virtual Machine; Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System; Virtual Machine Environment; Virtual Memory System; Virtual Storage Extended; VOS; VSTa; VxWorks; WabiServer; warm boot; WebObjects; wild card; WIMP; Win32s; window manager; Windows; Windows 1; Windows 2; Windows 2000; Windows 3.0; Windows 3.1; Windows 3.11; Windows/386; Windows 94; Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows 9X; Windows Application Binary Interface; Windows CE; Windows for Workgroups; Windows Millennium Edition; Windows NT; Windows NT 3.1; Windows NT 3.5; Windows NT 4; Windows Registry; Windows XP; Windows XP Professional Edition; window system; X11R6; XENIX; XFree86 Project, Inc.; X server; xterm; X Window System; Yellow Box; zombie process; z/OS;

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