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ACCLAIM; Active Measurement Project; Ada Programming Support Environment; Aditi; Alvey; Andrew Project; Apache; Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology; CICERO; Comma; Component Integration Laboratories; Computer Aided Detector Design; Conway's Law; Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria; European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology; Fedora; formal review; functional specification; GNU; Hesiod; Incremental Prototyping Technology for Embedded Realtime Systems; Integrated Modelling Support Environment; ITHACA; Java Community Process; Java Open Language Toolkit; Knowledge Sharing Effort; Linux Documentation Project; Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for European Researchers; National Information Infrastructure; OpenOffice.org; Opus; Project Athena; Project Guardian; Project MAC; project management; Requirements Acquisition and Controlled Evolution; requirements analysis; San Francisco; SCOPE; Semi-Automatic Ground Environment; Slide; Terminal Oriented Social Science; Text Encoding Initiative; The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus; University of Michigan Digital Library Project; Very Efficient Speculative Parallel Architecture; Work Breakdown Structure;

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