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1.TR.6; Abstract Syntax Notation 1; Address Resolution Protocol; Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol; Appletalk; AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol; Application Configuration Access Protocol; Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line; Asynchronous Balanced Mode; Automatic Network Routing; Basic Encoding Rules; Bell 103; Binary Synchronous Transmission; bit stuffing; Bluetooth; Canonical Encoding Rules; Cellular Digital Packet Data; Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol; Clover; Common Internet File System; Common Management Information Protocol; connectionless protocol; coordination language; Digital Subscriber Line; Distributed Data Management; Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol; ESMTP; ETRN; EV6; External Machine Interface; File Service Protocol; Financial Information eXchange; flow control; Formal Description Technique; Generic Routing Encapsulation; gopher; Group 3; Group 4; High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line; HL7; Home Phoneline Networking Alliance; Hot Standby Routing Protocol; Hypertext Transfer Protocol; HyperText Transmission Protocol, Secure; ICMP Router Discovery Protocol; Independent Computing Architecture; Internet Control Message Protocol; Internet Group Management Protocol; Internet Inter-ORB Protocol; Internet Message Access Protocol; Internet Open Trading Protocol; Internet Protocol version 4; Internet Protocol version 6; Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol; Inverse Address Resolution Protocol; I-Pay; IPsec; ISO 9735; Java Remote Method Protocol; K56flex; Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language; Layer Two Tunneling Protocol; Lightweight Directory Access Protocol; Link Access Protocol Balanced; Link Control Protocol; Local Area Terminal; Local Mail Transfer Protocol; Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol; Lower Layer Protocol; Manchester encoding; Manufacturing Automation Protocol; Media Gateway Control Protocol; Message Passing Interface; Microsoft Point to Point Encryption; MIME type; Musical Instrument Digital Interface; NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol; NetBios over TCP/IP; NetWare Link State Protocol; Network Information Service; Object Exchange; Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol; Packed Encoding Rules; Point-to-Point Protocol; Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet; Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol; POP3; Post Office Protocol; Printer Access Protocol; protocol stack; RDP; Real Time Streaming Protocol; Real-Time Transport Protocol; Reliable Data Protocol; Remote Desktop Protocol; remote monitoring; Remote Reference Layer; Remote Write Protocol; Resource Reservation Protocol; Reverse Address Resolution Protocol; RFC 1171; RFC 1334; RFC 1347; RFC 1350; RFC 1475; RFC 1526; RFC 1531; RFC 1550; RFC 1561; RFC 2131; RFCOMM; Routing Table Maintenance Protocol; Scalable Coherent Interface; Sequenced Packet Exchange; Serial Line Internet Protocol; Server Message Block; Service Discovery Protocol; Session Initiation Protocol; Signalling System 7; Simple Gateway Control Protocol; simple multicast protocol; Simple Network Management Protocol; Simple Network Management Protocol version 2; Simple Network Paging Protocol; Simple Object Access Protocol; Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol; Single-line Digital Subscriber Line; Slingshot; Smart Battery Data; SSLeay; start bit; Summary Object Interchange Format; System Management Bus; TCP/IP; Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol; TP/IX; transfer syntax; Transmission Control Protocol; Transport Layer Security protocol; TUBA; TURN; Universal Computer Protocol; Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration; Upper Layer Protocol; User Datagram Protocol; V.17; V.21; V.22; V.22bis; V.23; V.27 ter; V.34; V.90; V.91; Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line; V.FC; WaZOO; Wireless Application Protocol; X2; X.25; Xpress Transport Protocol; X protocol; ZMODEM;

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