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3DO; 802.11g; AAP DTD; Abstract Syntax Notation 1; Advanced Configuration and Power Interface; Advanced RISC Computing Specification; Advanced Technology Attachment; Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions; AFNOR; AIR; A-law; American National Standard; American National Standards Institute; American Standard Code for Information Interchange; American Wire Gauge; Analytical Solutions Forum; ANSI C; ANSI Minimal BASIC; ANSI X12; ANSI Z39.50; Application Integration Architecture; assigned numbers; ATX; Basic Encoding Rules; Basic Multilingual Plane; Binary Compatibility Standard; Bluetooth; British Standards Institute; Broadway; Bureau International des Poids et Mesures; Call-Level Interface; Canonical Encoding Rules; Case Integration Services; CENELEC; Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol; coded character set; Common Command Set; Common Information Model; Common Intermediate Format; Common Object Request Broker Architecture; Communication and Network Riser; Computer Aided Detector Design; Conferencing over IP; connector conspiracy; Content Data Model; Coordinated Universal Time; Cougar; country code; Data Interchange Standards Association; Desktop Management Interface; DICOM; Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications; Digital Signature Standard; display standard; Distributed Queue Dual Bus; Document Type Definition; DOD-STD-2167A; DoD-STD-2168; EIA-232; EIA-232C; EIA-422; EIA-423; EIA-449; EIA-485; EIA-530; Electronics Industry Association; Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code; Extended Industry-Standard Architecture; Extensible HyperText Markup Language; Federal Information Processing Standards; Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop; Filesystem Hierarchy Standard; Formatting Output Specification Instance; Government OSI Profile; Graphical Kernel System; Greenwich Mean Time; Gunning Transceiver Logic; H.261; H.264; H.323; High-Definition Multimedia Interface; High Performance Parallel Interface; High Performance Serial Bus; Home Phoneline Networking Alliance; HTML+; Hypertext Markup Language; IEEE 488; IEEE 802; IEEE 802.1; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE 802.3z; IEEE 802.4; IEEE Floating Point Standard; Industry Standard Architecture; Infrared Data Association; International Atomic Time; International Core War Society; International Electrotechnical Commission; International Organization for Standardization; International Standard; International Telecommunications Union; Internet Engineering Task Force; Internet Foundation Classes; Internet Inter-ORB Protocol; Internet Research Steering Group; interworking; IrDA Control; IrDA Data; IS-11172; IS-13818; ISO 8859; ISO 8879; ISO 9660; ISO 9735; Joint Photographic Experts Group; Joint Technical Committee; Joliet; JTC; language code; lock-in; Message Handling System; Moving Picture Experts Group; MPEG-1; MPEG-2; MPEG-21; MPEG-2.5 audio layer 3; MPEG-2 AAC Low Profile; MPEG-2 audio layer 3; MPEG-2 Low Sampling Frequencies Extention; MPEG-2 Multi Channel Extention; MPEG-3; MPEG-4; MPEG-4 AAC Main Profile; MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding Scalable Sampling Rate; MPEG-4 Harmonics, individual lines and noise; MPEG-4 Harmonic Vector eXCitation; MPEG-7; MPR II; Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group; MZ; National Database Language; Network Device Interface Specification; NLX; OLAP Council; OLE for Process Control; Open DataBase Connectivity; Open Data-link Interface; Open Distributed Processing; OpenDocument; Open Document Architecture; Open Document Interchange Format; Open Document Management API; Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol; Open Source Definition; Orange Book; P1754; Packed Encoding Rules; Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment; PCMCIA; Personal Computer Memory Card International Association; photo CD; platinum-iridium; Portable Operating System Interface; Portable Tool Interface; PowerPC; PowerPC Platform; Public-Key Cryptography Standards; Quarter CIF; QuickTime; Recommended Standard; Regina; Remote Database Access; Request For Comments; RFC 1014; RFC 1034; RFC 1035; RFC 1057; RFC 1058; RFC 1081; RFC 1094; RFC 1112; RFC 1119; RFC 1123; RFC 1156; RFC 1157; RFC 1171; RFC 1208; RFC 1213; RFC 1267; RFC 1268; RFC 1304; RFC 1321; RFC 1334; RFC 1341; RFC 1388; RFC 1436; RFC 1441; RFC 1442; RFC 1443; RFC 1444; RFC 1445; RFC 1446; RFC 1447; RFC 1448; RFC 1449; RFC 1450; RFC 1451; RFC 1452; RFC 1508; RFC 1509; RFC 1520; RFC 1521; RFC 1568; RFC 1591; RFC 1630; RFC 1661; RFC 1700; RFC 1701; RFC 1702; RFC 1707; RFC 1730; RFC 1777; RFC 1778; RFC 1795; RFC 1823; RFC 1825; RFC 1831; RFC 1861; RFC 1938; RFC 1951; RFC 1959; RFC 1960; RFC 2045; RFC 2046; RFC 2047; RFC 2048; RFC 2049; RFC 2068; RFC 2093; RFC 2234; RFC 2236; RFC 2246; RFC 2279; RFC 2281; RFC 2298; RFC 2326; RFC 2408; RFC 2516; RFC 2543; RFC 2795; RFC 2821; RFC 3232; RFC 4213; RFC 792; RFC 821; RFC 822; RFC 826; RFC 854; RFC 903; RFC 908; RFC 959; Rich Site Summary; RS-232D; Scalable Sampling Rate; Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; SI prefix; Slot 1; Slot 2; Small Computer System Interface; Socket 370; Socket 7; Socket 8; spanning tree algorithm; Speech Application Programming Interface; SQL; SQL2; SQL3; standard; Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments; Standard d'Echange et de Transfert; Standard Operating Environment; Standard Widget Toolkit; STD 1; STD 13; STD 2; Super 7; Supplementary Ideographic Plane; Synchronous Digital Hierarchy; Système International d'Unités; TCVN 5773; TCVN 6056; Telecommunications Industry Association; Text Encoding Initiative; TrueType; TWAIN; UCS transformation format; Universal Character Set; Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration; Universal Disk Format; Universal Serial Bus; Universal Time; Universal Time Coordinated; V.10; V.11; V.17; V.21; V.22; V.22bis; V.23; V.24; V.25; V.25 bis; V.27 ter; V.28; V.29; V.32; V.32bis; V.35; V.42; V.42bis; VESA Local Bus; Video Electronics Standards Association; V series; Web-Based Enterprise Management; Web Services; White book CD-ROM; Wide SCSI; Windows Hardware Quality Labs; Windows sockets; Wired Equivalent Privacy; Wireless Application Protocol; Wireless Transport Layer Security; X.12; X.21; X.25; X.409; X.500; X.680; x86 processor socket; X/Open System Interface;

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