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A20 handler; access time; Address Strobe; Advanced Intelligent Tape; Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface; Advanced Technology Attachment; Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions; Andrew File System; ATA-4; AT Attachment Packet Interface; Attributed File System; auxiliary storage; average seek time; Bernoulli Box; blocked records; Burst Extended Data Out DRAM; Burst Static Random Access Memory; cache coherency; cache conflict; cache hit; cache line; cache miss; checksum; Commodore 1010; Commodore 1541; Commodore 1570; Commodore 1571; Commodore 1581; Common Command Set; Compact Disc; Compact Disc interactive; Compact Disc Read-Only Memory; Compact Disc Recordable; Compact Disc Rewritable; Compact Disc writer; constant angular velocity; constant linear velocity; content addressable memory; conventional memory; cylinder; data redundancy; data set; data set organization; data storage; data striping; DEADBEEF; DECtape; Digital Audio Tape; Digital Linear Tape; Digital Versatile Disc; Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory; disc; disk; disk controller; disk drive; disk duplexing; disk mirroring; Ditto Drive; Double Data Rate Random Access Memory; DRAM refresh; drive; du; Dual In-line Memory Module; Dynamic Drive Overlay; dynamic random-access memory; ECM; Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory; Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; Electronic Report Management; EMM; EMM386; Enhanced Small Disk Interface; Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; error correcting memory; error detection and correction; Exabyte; expanded memory; expanded memory manager; expanded memory page frame; Expanded Memory Specification; Extended Architecture; Extended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memory; extended memory; extended memory manager; Extended Memory Specification; external memory; Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; ferrite core memory; Ferroelectric Random Access Memory; Fibre Channel; FileNet; Filesystem Hierarchy Standard; fixed disk; flash drive; Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; flash memory; flat file; flippy; floppy disk; floptical; Grim File Reaper; Group Code Recording; Group-Sweeping Scheduling; GSS; hard disk; hard disk drive; hard sector; Head Disk Assembly; high memory area; HIMEM; Hot Fix; Iomega Corporation; ISO 9660; Jaz Drive; Joliet; jukebox; Just a Bunch Of Disks; laundromat; LINCtape; Logical Block Addressing; Logical Unit Number; longitudinal parity; Longitudinal Redundancy Check; macrotape; magnetic disk; magnetic stripe; magnetic tape; magnetic tape drive; magneto-optical disk; magnetostrictive delay line; main memory; Mask Read-Only Memory; master boot record; maximum Maytag mode; maximum seek time; memory; memory location; memory management; mercury delay line; microtape; Mini Disc; minifloppy; minimum seek time; MMCD; Modified Frequency Modulation; MultiMedia Compact Disc; Network Attached Storage; New Storage System; Nibble Mode DRAM; Non Return to Zero Inverted; Non-Volatile Random Access Memory; non-volatile storage; One Time Programmable Read-Only Memory; packet writing; page in; Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; page out; Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment; parity; parity bit; parity error; Partial Response Maximum Likelihood; Phase Encoded; photo CD; Pipeline Burst Cache; precharge; presence detect; Programmable Read-Only Memory; punched card; QEMM386; Quarter Inch Cartridge; Rambus DRAM; RAM disk; random-access memory; Read-Only Memory; Redundant Array of Independent Disks; removable hard disk; reserved memory; RFC 1094; RLDRAM; rotational latency; round tape; Row Address Strobe; Run Length Limited; rusty memory; save; save as; SCANDISK; Scan-EDF; secondary storage; seek time; Serial Advanced Technology Attachment; Serial Storage Architecture; Single Data Rate Random Access Memory; Single In-line Memory Module; Small Outline DIMM; Smartdrive; solid-state storage device; square tape; ST-506; stack loader; state; static; static random-access memory; stiffy; Storage Area Network; Storage Management Services; storage media; SuperDrive; Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory; Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory; tablespace; track; Translation Look-aside Buffer; twinning; Universal Disk Format; upper memory block; USB drive; Vertical Redundancy Check; Video Compact Disc; video memory; Volume Table Of Contents; washing machine; Window Random Access Memory; word; working memory; Write-Once Read-Many; write protect; XMS; Zip Drive;

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