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.NET framework; 9PAC; aard; Active Language I; Active Measurement Project; Adamakegen; Ada Programming Support Environment; Adaptable User Interface; Adaptive Communication Environment; Adaptor; A Data Management System; AD/Cycle; ADDD; Adobe Type Manager; Advanced STatistical Analysis Program; Aegis; aflex; Algebraic Manipulation Package; ALJABR; ALLIANCE; Amiga E; Andrew Toolkit; ANother Tool for Language Recognition; antivirus software; APLWEB; AppKit; Apple Open Collaboration Environment; Application Visualisation System; arbitrary precision calculator; archie; arj; Artifex; as31; ash; Ashmedai; ASPECT; Aspirin; atob; Attribute Translation System; AudioOne; AutoCAD; autoconf; AUTOGRAF; AUTOmated GRouPing system; Automatic Mathematical TRANslation; aXe; AXIOM*; ayacc; Back End Generator; backup software; Basic Programming Support; Berard Object and Class Specifier; Berkeley Yacc; BibTeX; Bison; B-Method; briefcase; btoa; B-Toolkit; byte-code compiler; c2man; c386; Calc; Call Unix; CAMAL; cat; CATIA; CAYLEY; cc:mail; Ceres workstation Oberon System; cextract; CHARYBDIS; CHeap ASseMbler; Chop; Cichlid; Cigale; CLAM; CLiP; clu2c; Coco/R; codewalker; ColdFusion; compiler; Comprehensive Perl Archive Network; Computer Supported Cooperative Work; Co-operative Development Environment; cppp; C preprocessor; cproto; cxref; Cyclo; Cygnus Tcl Tools; DataStage; DATA-TEXT; dBASE; DC; DEBUG; debugger; Decision Support Systems; deductive tableau; defragment; Delphi Technique; development environment; DJGPP; DOCMaker; Document Examiner; dog; du; Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System; ed; egrep; Electronic Performance Support System; Eli Compiler Construction System; Elvis; Emacs; EMBLA Pro; emTeX; ERGO-Shell; ES-1; expect; Extensible VAX Editor; ezd; FDISK; fgrep; fine adjuster; finger; Floppy; Flow; Foresight; FORM; GAP; gawk; GCAL; GCT; GDB; Ghostscript; Gnat; Gnuplot; GNUS; GNU sed; grep; GT/SQL; gunzip; gzip; Happy; Harvard Graphics; Harvest; hp2ps; I-Comm; inetd; InfoWord Office; interactive development environment; Iperf; IRIS Explorer; Isabelle; ISTAR; jaccl; jadeTeX; JAffer's Canonical ALgebra; James' DSSSL Engine; Kamin's interpreters; Kernel User Interface Package; KeySpell; Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench; Labtech Notebook; lalr.ss; LaTeX; lcc; lclint; line editor; linker; List Enhanced; LLGen; Lotus 1-2-3; Mach Interface Generator; Magma; Majordomo; Make; Mathematica; mawk; mcvert; mg; MicroGnuEmacs; Micro Interpreter for Knowledge Engineering; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Mail; Microsoft Word; MIGRAINES; Milarepa; Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool; Mint Is Not TRAC; more; Mosaic; Mule; Multiple Master; MuMath; MuTeX; native compiler; Netscape Navigator; nn; Notepad; NSA line eater; Object-code Buffer Overrun Evaluator; Objecteering; optimising compiler; Oracle Card; Oracle Co-operative Applications; ORTHOCARTAN; Ox; packet sniffer; PackIt; Paintbrush; Parallel Virtual Machine; Pari; PAW; PCA; PCI Configuration Utility; PC-TALK III; PDFTeX; Perl; Perl5; Perl profiler; petdingo; PH; Photoshop; Physics Analysis Workbench; ping; PIP; PKLITE; PKUNZIP; PKZIP; Pleuk grammar development system; plug-in; Plumber; Portable Common Tool Environment; PowerBuilder; Powerpoint; PRECCX; Pretty Good Privacy; protocol analyser; PSD; Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set; PV-WAVE; Rapidwrite; rcp; RealAudio; Recursive Macro Actuated Generator; Report Program Generator; ResEdit; Revision Control System; rlogin; RoboHELP; roff; Roskind grammars; routing; RPM; SAC-1; SAC2; sam; SAS System; Schoonschip; Screen Peace; screen saver; screen scraper; search engine; Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool; Sed; SES/workbench; sgmls; SGML Tagger; ShapeTools; shar; SHEEP; Shockwave; Slingshot; SLiRP; SmallVDM; snacc; Software BackPlane; Software through Pictures; Somar DumpAcl; SORCERER; source-level debugger; Spiderweb; splot; sponge; spooler; SpoolView; spreadsheet; Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; Stuffit; su; SuperZap; SymbMath; Symbolic Automatic INTegrator; Symbolic Mathematical Laboratory; Symphony; talk; tclhttpd; Teamwork; tee; text editor; Tickle; toolbook; Tool Builder Kit; troff; Twente Compiler Generator System; Universal Debugger; utility software; viewer; Vi Improved; Virtual Software Factory; VisiCalc; Visual Interface; VP-Planner; WabiServer; Watcom VX*REXX; WDASM; web2c; weblint; whatis; Windows 4GL; Windows Application Binary Interface; WINZIP; woman; Word for Windows; word processor; xdbx; X-Designer; Xemacs; Yet Another Compiler Compiler; Yet Another Yacc; YTalk; zoo;

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