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1. <database> One or more large structured sets of persistent data, usually associated with software to update and query the data. A simple database might be a single file containing many records, each of which contains the same set of fields where each field is a certain fixed width.

A database is one component of a database management system.

See also ANSI/SPARC Architecture, atomic, blob, data definition language, deductive database, distributed database, fourth generation language, functional database, object-oriented database, relational database.

Carol E. Brown's tutorial (http://accounting.rutgers.edu/raw/aies/www.bus.orst.edu/faculty/brownc/lectures/db_tutor/db_tutor.htm).

2. <hypertext> A collection of nodes managed and stored in one place and all accessible via the same server. Links outside this are "external", and those inside are "internal".

On the World-Wide Web this is called a website.

3. All the facts and rules comprising a logic programming program.


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