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Challenge #02 - Towers Of Hanoi

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The game of "Towers Of Hanoi" is fairly well known, certainly to anyone who has studied algorithms. It has a legend attached to it which says that a group of monks were tasked to move 64 golden discs from one tower to a third, whereupon the world would end.

However, it seems that the French mathematician Edouard Lucas came up with the idea (and the legend) in 1883. Whoever invented it, the "Towers Of Hanoi" presents a few interesting design possibilities.

How To Play

The game consists of three poles and a number of different sized discs. A disc cannot be placed on top of a smaller disc and the aim of the game is to move all of the rings from the first pole to one of the other poles.

More information about the Towers Of Hanoi can be found at Miroslav Kolar's website.


Example Graphics

You can see a demonstration of the game board that uses the graphics below. Feel free to design your own pieces - the discs are basically just rectangles with gradient fills.

150 by 30 pixels each (12.4 Kb total)

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