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Q1002 Can I highlight the percentage download of several large images on the screen whilst they are downloading from the server?

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With browsers that support the Image object you can use the images onLoad event handler to update either a form field, or using DHTML a "layer":

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
var percentage = 0;
var loaded = false;

function update(what) {
    if (document.all)
        document.all.myDiv.innerHTML = what;
    else if (document.layers) {
    else if (document.images)
        document.myForm.myField.value = percentage + '%';

function percent(amount) {
    percentage += amount;

<IMG SRC="image1.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" onLoad="percent(10)">
<IMG SRC="image2.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" onLoad="percent(50)">
<IMG SRC="image3.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" onLoad="percent(30)">
<IMG SRC="image4.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" onLoad="percent(5)">
<IMG SRC="image5.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" onLoad="percent(5)">

<DIV ID="myDiv"><LAYER ID="myLayer"></LAYER></DIV>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
if (!(document.all || document.layers) && document.images) {
    document.write('<FORM NAME="myForm"><INPUT TYPE="TEXT NAME="myField"></FORM>');

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