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Q1006 How can I check a radio option based on the selection of a select form field?

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The following demonstrates two ways of checking a radio button, one using the index number of like named radio buttons, the other way using the name of differently named radio buttons:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
function changed() {
    document.myForm.sameName[document.myForm.mySelect.selectedIndex].checked = true;
    document.myForm.elements[document.myForm.mySelect.options[document.myForm.mySelect.selectedIndex].text].checked = true;

<FORM NAME="myForm">
<SELECT NAME="mySelect" onChange="changed()">

<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Red
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Orange
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Yellow
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Green
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Blue
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Indigo
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="sameName"> Violet


<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Red"> Red
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Orange"> Orange
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Yellow"> Yellow
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Green"> Green
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Blue"> Blue
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Indigo"> Indigo
<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="Violet"> Violet


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