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Q1187 When creating newLayer(), how can you give it a NAME or ID?

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<script language="JavaScript"><!--
var myObjectLayer;

function createLayer(layerName,layerWidth) {
    if (document.layers) {
        myObjectLayer = new Layer(layerWidth);
        myObjectLayer.name = layerName;

function loaded() {

<body onLoad="loaded()">



On Netscape Navigator 4.5 on Linux, the setting of the layers name does not appear to work. Each time you create a layer Netscape gives it a name - for example: '__js_layer__10'. Each time you create another layer it appears as though the last number increase by one each time. It isn't (yet) possible to delete layers created this way - so treat this with caution, as you may find that the layers are not garbage collected once finished with, which might cause the browser to run out of memory.

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