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Q1589 Does JavaScript support inner functions, in the same way that Java supports inner methods?

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Yes. I believe JavaScript 1.2 supports this:

<script language="JavaScript1.2"><!--

function outer() {
   document.write('starting outer()<br>');

   function inner() {
     document.write('starting outer().inner()<br>');
     document.write('ending outer().inner()<br>');

   document.write('ending outer()<br>');

// just to confuse things we'll define an inner() function
// all on its own:

function inner() {
   document.write('starting inner()<br>');
   document.write('ending inner()<br>');

   function nested() {
     document.write('a nested funtion');

// invoke the outer() function, which in turn should invoke
// its own inner function:


// invoke the inner() function. Should invoke the non nested
// inner() function:


// attempt to invoke the nested() function, nested within
// the inner() function. Fails with "nested is not defined."


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