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Q2036 How do I create an inline frame?

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An inline frame or a floating frame, is a frame inserted within a block of text.

The IFRAME element allows authors to insert a frame within a block of text, and it works much like inserting an object via the OBJECT element.

The following example will place an inline frame on a page surrounded by a border. For browsers, that does not support inline frames, a short message will be displayed:

<IFRAME src="data.htm" width="400" height="400" 
scrolling="auto" frameborder="1">
Your user agent does not support inline frames. 
You can visit <A HREF="data.htm">the related document</A>

Please note that, inline frames is currently only supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+, and inline frames cannot be resized (ie. does not take the noresize attribute).

You can read more about floating frames in the article: HTML #4 - Advanced Page Layout, which has a very good chapter on floating frames.

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