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Q3010 How can I launch an external application from ColdFusion Studio/Homesite?

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If you like, you can create a custom toolbar in your ColdFusion Studio Quickbar. These toolbars are highly customizable! Custom buttons can insert your own text, display custom dialogs, even launch external applications.


Let's suppose you would like to be able to open the files you are working on in Notepad. Here's how to add the custom button to your toolbar:

  1. Right-click on the Quickbar and select "Customize".
  2. On the "Toolbars" tab, select the toolbar on which you would like to add your button. The toolbar you select should display across the top. Now click "Add Custom Button".
  3. On the "Custom Toolbutton" dialog box, select "Launch an external application".
  4. Type or browse to the filename of the app you want to open. In this example, we use "C:\Windows\Notepad.exe".
  5. To open the currently-active document in the external program, type %CURRENT% into the box labelled "Command Line".
  6. If you would like your button to have a pop-up hint when the cursor hovers over it, type the hint in the "Button Hint" box.
  7. Click "OK", and then click "Close". The Notepad icon has now appeared on the toolbar of our choice. Click it to open the current document in Notepad!

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