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Q908 Is it possible to set up some kind of sliding bar relative to the number/size of pictures or total downloading time, so that my visitors would know how long to wait?

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The following demonstrates the use of layer clipping - which gives the impression of a sliding layer.

<span id="sphere" style="position:absolute; width:500; height:50;">
<img src="dot.gif" width="500" height="50">

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"><!--
function changeit() {
    if (document.all)
        document.all('sphere').style.clip = 'rect(' + t + ' ' + r + ' ' + b + ' ' + l + ')';
    else if (document.layers) {
        document.layers['sphere'].clip.top = t;
        document.layers['sphere'].clip.right = r;
        document.layers['sphere'].clip.bottom = b;
        document.layers['sphere'].clip.left = l;

var t=0, r=0, b=100, l=0;

function slide(x) {
    if (r<500) {
        r += x;


It can be adapted to trigger on each image load:

<img src="image.gif onLoad="slide(50)">

In which case you need to remove the two seTimeouts from the above script.

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